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I'm Janice White, a fine artist from Liverpool, England. I have my own art website at Janice White Art where I display some of my paintings which are for sale.

Here at Hubpages I will be adding more hubs on different subjects that interest me or that catch my eye and I feel the urge to write about them. So far, I've tended to stick with art related hubs or branched out into some health/diet related hubs. That's because good nutrition is important to me as is keeping healthy in a world where we're constantly bombarded with advertising trying to get us to buy this or that useless and unnecessary product. Let's see what I can come up with next!

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  • How to Lose Water Weight Naturally

    How to Lose Water Weight Naturally

    5 years ago

    Water retention, or edema as it is correctly known, is a condition which affects many people where the body retains and stores excess fluids in body tissue. This fluid is not used to hydrate the body and is therefore...

  • Why Fast Food is Bad for You

    Why Fast Food is Bad for You

    4 years ago

    People can read this and find out why fast food is bad for you and what you can do to turn things around.

  • Oil Painting Brushes

    Oil Painting Brushes

    5 years ago

    As an artist, when I paint in oils, I have to say that I prefer to use the finest brushes. This is nothing to do with snobbery, in fact the majority of artists are often the poorest people you'll come across. It has...

  • Frank Clarke Watercolor Brushes

    Frank Clarke Watercolor Brushes

    4 years ago

    Frank Clarke watercolor brushes are special brushes preferred by many watercolor artists for their fine natural bristles and quality workmanship

  • Why Sugar is Bad for You

    Why Sugar is Bad for You

    4 years ago

    It will probably come as no real surprise to learn that eating a lot of refined, white sugar is bad for you. You are probably already aware that enough scientific studying has been done on this particular food product...

  • Why White Bread is Bad for You

    Why White Bread is Bad for You

    8 months ago

    Bread made from refined white flour is certainly not good for your health, its true. There is a little known fact that numerous scientific studies have proved time and time again

  • Why White Pasta is Bad For You

    Why White Pasta is Bad For You

    5 years ago

    It’s a maybe not so well known fact that has been repeatedly born out by numerous scientific studies into the negative health effects of a variety of food items in the modern Western diets, that eating white pasta is...