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I am a 21st-century woman, interested in traveling, cooking and healthy living.

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  • Living Abroad and Cultural Adjustment

    Living Abroad and Cultural Adjustment

    9 months ago

    Living in a foreign land is a roller-coaster journey of emotions. Understanding cultural adjustment helps make life in a foreign cultural easier. Here are some tips for coping while living abroad.

  • 9 Great Kimchi Combos

    9 Great Kimchi Combos

    10 months ago

    Rich in vitamins A and C, Korean kimchi is not just a side dish. Kimchi goes great in, on and under many other dishes. Here are some ideas for cooking with kimchi. Bon Appétit!

  • Ecotourism and Community Development

    Ecotourism and Community Development

    11 months ago

    Environmental education through eco-tourism is a tool to encourage thoughtfully planned community development based on a shared attitude toward stewardship of valuable natural resources.

  • Tokyo Day Trips - Hakone

    Tokyo Day Trips - Hakone

    11 months ago

    Hakone has been an alluring travel destination for centuries. Its Samurai Era history adds enchantment to the famous hot springs, mountainous terrain and views of Fuji. A definite Must-See Day Trip!

  • Tokyo Day Trips - Enoshima

    Tokyo Day Trips - Enoshima

    12 months ago

    Enoshima is about an hour outside of Tokyo making it a must-see destination for those living in the big city or visiting Japan on holiday. The magical island is rich in history, culture and scenery.

  • Searching for Faith Hope and Charity

    Searching for Faith Hope and Charity

    12 months ago

    This is a story about Faith, Hope and Charity. It is a story that my father would often tell me before I fell asleep when I was a young child.

  • Cycling in Korea

    Cycling in Korea

    13 months ago

    Korea is an amazing country for riding a bicycle whether you are an avid cyclist or an average cyclist. Mountains, coastlines and rivers offer riders a variety of natural beauty to enjoy.

  • Great Resources for Learning Japanese

    Great Resources for Learning Japanese

    12 months ago

    Learning Japanese may not be as difficult as you think. Here is a list of resources to get you started having fun practicing Japanese.

  • Yamashita’s Gold—Is Fiction More Fun than Fact?

    Yamashita’s Gold—Is Fiction More Fun than Fact?

    14 months ago

    Legends of Yamashita’s gold have kept treasure hunters busy for many years. With every claim of truth comes skepticism. It is fun to believe the stories but fiction and fact weave a strange tapestry.

  • Bohol DIY Tour in 3 Days

    Bohol DIY Tour in 3 Days

    9 months ago

    Here is a flexible itinerary for enjoying as much of Bohol Island as possible in 3 days. Enjoy paradise both above and below the sea.

  • Cebu City Must See

    Cebu City Must See

    14 months ago

    For the traveler to the Philippines, Cebu City is rich in culture and history. Here are some ideas for places to visit while in Cebu.