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She always got a first impresssion of “MALDITA”or “SUPLADA”. Maybe  because she doesn’t smile often. She is a quiet person. But she is very talkative when she’s with her friends and hubby. Yeah, she only shares her thoughts, feelings and craziness to chosen people.

She only has few friends (including her hubby). But these “few” are really true. Meaning they are always there no matter what–financially, emotionally,mentally (what?!), sexually (say what again?!) Haha! She only has two closed friends whom she trusted. Ther friendship was already tested and proven.

She spends her free time by watching movies, series and other tv shows. She’s in love to chuck bartowski. She likes HIMYM, Heroes and so on.

She forgot about rock, rap, acoustic, opm or love songs and other genre but she embraces classical, kiddie and nursery songs. haha I am really really really a mommy now. Try me. (Actually, my background music right now and while writing this page is “Old McDonald had a farm”. Hoho! Funny, right?)

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