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I have a passion for inspiring others to live full and meaningful lives. It is my mission to be a father to the fatherless and to inspire other fathers to be intentional in their role of shaping the next generation.

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  • Dancing with Cinderella

    Dancing with Cinderella

    18 months ago

    I had waited a year for my first opportunity to go to the daddy/daughter dance. That night my little girl stole my heart, and I learned a valuable lesson about being a father of a girl.

  • Pursuing Your Passion: I've Got Something To Say

    Pursuing Your Passion: I've Got Something To Say

    18 months ago

    We're all passionate about something. For most of my life, I have accepted as fact that I will never make money doing what I love. But recently, a little voice inside me has been loudly protesting.

  • Parenting Outside of Your Comfort Zone

    Parenting Outside of Your Comfort Zone

    19 months ago

    Every child has a unique personality, and so does every parent. So, how do we handle the challenges that come with parenting children with personalities that are very different from our own?

  • Daddy Do You See Me?

    Daddy Do You See Me?

    19 months ago

    As parents, we are bombarded with requests from our children. Can I? I want? Will you? It goes on and on. It is tempting to just shut down. But, what if we look beyond the surface of the request?

  • The Fatherhood Project

    The Fatherhood Project

    19 months ago

    It is my goal to share what I have learned about the vital role of fathers. I do not pretend to have all the answers, but I hope to inspire others in the way I have been inspired.