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I'm a free spirited girl with strong opinions. I enjoy blogging about widely debated topics, because I am insightful, intuitive, and witty. I believe there is no time like the present for chasing our dreams. I am a restless student at Nollansville High School and plan to start my own social media company upon graduation. My favorite activity is people watching at the MIrror Mall with my best friend Caroline. I love music and some of my favorites include dub-step, pop, and classical.

I love animals and volunteer at Fuzzy Hearts animal shelter. I have won several awards for organizing fundraisers in support of no kill shelters. My support of neglected and abused animals has reached as far as the United Kingdom in my efforts to lend a helping hand to our four legged friends. I like to help people too and once a week I volunteer at the soup kitchen where I make sandwiches and write notes of encouragement for those less fortunate. 

I love nature and have big plans to go on a three day hike in the Woodlands for my eighteenth birthday. 



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  • GPS = Gone Partially Stupid

    GPS = Gone Partially Stupid

    12 months ago

    Teens rebel against being tracked by their parent's smart phones. When it comes to trust, there is no place for a GPS tracker.

  • Teen Halloween

    Teen Halloween

    12 months ago

    Halloween rolls around and you realize you are too old to go trick or treating. Check out these creative ideas about what teen's can do to celebrate the holiday without annoying the neighbors.

  • Streaming Television - A New Generation

    Streaming Television - A New Generation

    12 months ago

    A new way to watch television and movies through your game systems, Roku, desk top, and mobile devices paves the way for a new tomorrow in digital entertainment. Cable providers fall short.

  • Emoticon Revolt

    Emoticon Revolt

    12 months ago

    Texts, instant messaging, emails, posts, tweets, and gifs are the mainstream form of communicating today, but what about emoticons? Why are these tiny pictures taking over our daily conversations?

  • What's the Deal With the Dollar Menu?

    What's the Deal With the Dollar Menu?

    12 months ago

    There are few pleasures in life that bring as much happiness as buying delicious fast food for a buck, but at what cost do we delete the dollar menu?

  • Social Media Blitz or Blindside

    Social Media Blitz or Blindside

    12 months ago

    Why do people defy the signs of our time by ignoring social media? It is an ever-changing and ever-growing tool for people to connect, promote, learn, and interact on a daily basis.