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I've never own a website before, yet alone start a blog. Still very new to the world of blogging and Hubbing. (It's a word right?)

Though still fresh to the idea of freehand writing, I am very eager to learn and improve my writing skills. Hubbing is a new adventurous journey that I've gladly stumbled upon very recently. Readily, I'll make my mark as a writer and as a Hubber and commit myself to quality articles and not quantity.

Had my profile edited today.

Actually had a regular stream of topics these past two days and they all direct to one thing. Informative and helpful Hubs.

Providing easy-to-understand health guides, creative low-cost crafts, practical recipes, public awareness information and school work guides.

My goal is to create and hone my Hubpage into a useful and informative source of articles that'll suite the taste of the youth and adult alike. By doing so, I will put extra effort to ensure that what I post has validity and integrity, and is based on credible references and facts.

Making a difference and impact to the millions of users online is a great achievement that I intend to do. As of now, four Hubs may be a minute amount compared to the billions and billions of sites out there, but it is a start. A start that I intend to finish as long as I can be useful within this pages.

I am but one of the millions of writers out there, but I hope that I've made a lasting impression to you. :) Much appreciated you reading this.

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