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  • Bon IV

    Bon IV

    4 hours ago

    The yungdrung is central to Bon and we examine its origins.

  • Partition of Sindh II

    Partition of Sindh II

    23 hours ago

    In 1971 the Sindh province suffered a major setback as a result of the Indo-Pakistan war.

  • Motive II

    Motive II

    36 hours ago

    We examine the second type of impulse control disorder - Intermittent explosive disorder or IED

  • Possession IV

    Possession IV

    3 days ago

    We now look into cases where the victims are able to speak in languages that are thus far unknown to them and are able to receive intimations of future events.

  • Bon III

    Bon III

    4 days ago

    We continue our work on Bon by examining the Bon-Tantric fusion that occured after the arrival of Padmasambhava in Tibet.

  • Partition of Sindh I

    Partition of Sindh I

    5 days ago

    We take a look at the partition of Sindh and its implications on Sindhis accross the world.

  • Motive I

    Motive I

    5 days ago

    We look into the element of motive in an act to decide if the act should be classified as a crime or otherwise.

  • Possession III

    Possession III

    7 days ago

    We continue our work on possession by looking into other cases of possession and drawing further inferences from them

  • Bon II

    Bon II

    7 days ago

    We continue our work on Bon by examining the religious influences that have contributed to Tibet's rich cultural heritage.

  • Possession II

    Possession II

    10 days ago

    Let us try and distinguish between intimation that is a result of our latent abilities and that which is due to external factors.

  • Bon I

    Bon I

    8 days ago

    Bon is the native religion of Tibet and is a religion that is striving to achieve its own identity.

  • Pannonia


    13 days ago

    Pannonia is the ancient name for the Kingdom of Hungary and the legend of the sky high tree tells us something about its origins.

  • Vegan


    2 weeks ago

    The benefits of going vegan to the self and to the environment.

  • Slavic Myths

    Slavic Myths

    13 days ago

    A brief summary of early Slavic believes and practises.

  • Posession I

    Posession I

    2 weeks ago

    Possession, does it really occur or is what we call possession attributed to some other factors? Are there really spirits that haunt and possess or is it all a figment of our overactive imagination?

  • Holodomor


    2 weeks ago

    The word Holodomor is a Ukrainian word that denotes death that is brought about as a result or is a consequence of famine that is induced.

  • Battle of Crimea

    Battle of Crimea

    2 weeks ago

    A detailed account of the Battle of Crimea which took place during the Second World War.

  • Iranian Pomegranates

    Iranian Pomegranates

    3 weeks ago

    An overview of the pomegranate sector in Iran

  • The Potato

    The Potato

    10 days ago

    A brief summary of the importance of the potato and the role it has to play in solving world hunger.