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Moved to Austin, Texas to take a great writing job after spending the last four years in Alaska.  I've done okay freelance writing, but am learning to use those skills to try and make a full time living online while enjoying my new city.  UPDATE: as the old song says, "on the road again" :)

I absolutely love making a living with my words, and enjoy the community that places like Hubpages offers.  My interests are extremely varied in a very Renaissance Man sort of way, and there are a few examples down near the bottom of the profile.  

One of the best discoveries I've made from my time working to move from freelance writer (where I'm at the whim of the markets and other people needing or not needing work) and making consistent passive income online is The Keyword Academy, which I strongly recommend to everybody.  They have the most amazing tools, the nicest and most knowledgable forum community I've ever seen, and they have very much made the idea of passive income for me go from a dream to a solid tangible goal that is within my grasp.  If you're serious about making passive income online, then you need to check out The Keyword Acadmey.  I've never seen any other program come close.

A few examples of my favorite pages and polymath writing ways:

Sinclair Lewis

How to Become a Freelance Writer

Coen Brothers

Negative Calorie Foods Diet

Constant Content Review

All Fad Diets

Northern Pike Fishing Tips

Carp Fishing Tackle Blog

Liposculpture Blog

Best Vampire Movies Page

Best Werewolf Movies Page

10 Best Post Apocalyptic Movies Article

Master Dayton Keyword Academy Review

Some of my best hubs:

Where Should I Immigrate - A Humorous Contemplation

Living in Alaska

Why Heroin?

Retirement Savings Made Easy

How to Get Rid of Recurring Nightmares

Live Life to the Fullest

And many more to come as the list grows :D

As time goes on I hope to be able to share a lot more of my other work here, as well.

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