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I am a stay at home mother of 4 and wife to a young husband. We live off of my husband's small income, so frugality and sustainability are very important to me.

I am a published author with books on frugality and penny-pinching as well as poetry.

I'm not perfect and neither is my family but we're real and we show you a real view of what real life is for us, with real tips for what worked for us, real struggles and real hope that not all families are perfect but that they are perfectly ok.

I show a candid look at every aspect of my life and family. I let you see the good, bad and ugly, in a humorous yet positive as possible way.

I like to call my family the Anti-Brady Bunch and that pretty much sums up my family and life perfectly. Sometimes it's a circus but it's always real...

I'm a pagan and live a very hippy~esque, sustainable and frugal lifestyle. Trying to stay positive and upbeat is very important to me, though I struggle with it often

I hope you enjoy your peek into our life! We definitely enjoy living it!


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