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Originally from Brazil but living in Ireland for almost ten years, I consider myself a born observer that after studying from Theology and Counselling to Interior Design and Cooking, after taking into hobbies from collection of watches and rings to photos and website design, and after working from selling flowers and reviewing bank cheques to call centre supervisor and baker, adding to all that my two precious kids and sometimes unwise husband, I came to the conclusion that I am a ‘Serendipiter’ like the great writer Mr Talese, someone who by chance makes great and useful discoveries. With that in mind I plan to share my observations and discoveries trough my writings and hopefully help some other people who like me, use the internet as a second opinion for every third thought.

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    Weird and Scary Animals

    5 years ago

    Here you will find some of the most weird, scary, strange, exotic animals out there and to be honest some are the ugliest that I have ever seen, luckily most of them live in forests or deep sea waters and unless...