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I am a 33 year old performance poet with a penchant for purple and a love of hats!

Last year I completed the NaPoWriMo challenge to write a poem a day for the whole of April, and it's started all over again!

Please check out the results... it would be great to hear what you think! Here is the first effort - http://jjpascoe.hubpages.com/hub/NaPoWriMo-Day-1-1st-April-2013 or scroll down the page to see the lot!

My style does vary, but I love to play with words and rhythms. My poetry covers topics ranging from the Crimean War (http://jjpascoe.hubpages.com/hub/Mary-Seacole) to disenfranchised moths! (http://jjpascoe.hubpages.com/hub/MontyPoem)

Hope you enjoy my poems!


*all hubs copyright of Jenni Pascoe. Please request written permission before copying, publishing or performing any of my hub content.

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