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I write, not because I enjoy it, but because it's my primary form of communication. When I talk to people, I feel like they don't hear me. They seem too distracted with other things as if they don't care about what I think or have to say. But as soon as I write out my thoughts, even if it's only a sentence, I have their full undivided attention.

As ironic as this may sound, when I speak, I feel mute. But when I write, I feel like a trumpet. And it's such a playful talent to have.

This art has no specific rules and no actual boundaries- simply because the literacy of the audience is just as diverse as the literature itself. There are many forms, styles and techniques writing can be presented to a reader; and in this sense, writing speaks in multiple languages- though not many readers know the way to read them all.

I have come to understand one thing about the gift of writing. If it becomes governed by rules and categorized by standard, then it no longer is a gift but something that can be learned. In this way, anyone can be a wonderful writer but they can only craft an art that was already paved and carved by someone else - someone who had a genuine talent of writing.

Creativity is the part that defines and identifies a writer to be genuine, not someone who's learned to copy-cat a skill. That's the difference when I write. It's always changing because it's always growing, unlike those who master other writers' technique but can never make it evolve.

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