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     Yes, I am a creative writer by day and usually crazy by night. Writing is my therapy next to having a few  drinks and taking long walks wherever. I am.also a warrior of life, and I always go down swinging whenever I lose a long-fought batlle against evil. I hope you enjoy my work. So, good luck and look out! It's right behind you!

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  • Time Travel Could Prove that Life is Predestined

    Time Travel Could Prove that Life is Predestined

    3 weeks ago

    Do you believe in time travel? Is it really possible that it can be done! I watch all these crazy time traveling documentaries on the Discovery Channel and History Channel, and they always drive me nuts, because of my...

  • Poem called "Worthwhile"

    Poem called "Worthwhile"

    8 hours ago

    Poem originally published in book called "Hello Mr. Satan, You're an Idiot!" by Bazooka Teaches. Available in Lulu publishing.

  • Mr. Black Suit Clown

    Mr. Black Suit Clown

    2 weeks ago

    He wears a dark black suit White pale face Crazy funny make up Eye liner Distorted face expressions Making fun of me Looking at me, through me Making see me see everything Ticking time bomb Ticking in...

  • Lulled


    2 weeks ago

    Title: I can see up your nose by Matt Reinbold at http://www.flickr.com/photos/furryscalyman/3015384158/ flckr.com I'm living in a whirlpool of fools smart loud and tricky I heard overheard conversations ...

  • Sweet and Low

    Sweet and Low

    3 weeks ago

    http://www.wallpapers.rs/view-long_hair_girl_falling_down-1440x900.html One day I remember you were standing on your feet and that you took a dive On your way down you did not know it was so deep so you ...

  • Horndog, Inc.

    Horndog, Inc.

    3 weeks ago

    Bleached blond mop like a cast, stiffly walking with a set of cans; Twirl, flowered, patterned threads that make her dress sublime; Blue hazel eyes that glance over to my overblown fly, and ambiguous vibes that...

  • Gazes


    3 weeks ago

    Smoking in a room full of faces My train derails and now I’m in a melted picture Screaming voices, natural poses, intoxicated roses My soul stinging and I sit shooting glassy gazes My aura...

  • A Poem Called "Freeway"

    A Poem Called "Freeway"

    3 weeks ago

    Freeway Look at that Pinto Old paint, new wheels, stopping and going Going where? Look at that Mercedes bitch What a snob that lady She likes that She digs the attention in a place where there's...

  • Five Minute Love

    Five Minute Love

    4 weeks ago