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In this time and age, there are millions––even billions of topics, subjects, stories to be interested in. There are dozens I am engrained in and obsessed with. Some are environmental struggles, most are novels, movies, and music (just to name a few).

While I am currently majoring in Creative Writing, I also have a few stories on Fiction Press: http://www.fictionpress.com/u/796442/Poe1554
Needless to say, the world of make-believe and fiction are what interest me the most. But they don't hold all of my interest––there are others. 

With global environmental issues in today, it is nearly impossible to ignore them (although I think we do a pretty good job). I have researched many issues to depress someone for a lifetime, as well as discover solutions that can change nations and move the world. Once one is exposed to global issues, I think it is extremely hard to carry on without looking left and right and notice something on the horizon that is affecting everyone.

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