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As a former honest skeptic, PhD physical scientist, and  Christ-follower I'm concerned about common confusion, prejudices, and distortions in our culture regarding 'Christianity' — a word I actually prefer to avoid because of its wide spectrum of connotations. Therefore, I've decided to create a series of thoughtful Hubs to 1) correct false perceptions, 2) give honest skeptics some 'thinking fodder', 3) encourage folks already on the road to theism, and 4) enhance the confidence of present theists.

I don't have answers to all of my questions and certainly don't claim to have answers to all of yours either — neither in my Hubs nor in my free, downloadable  e-book (Bridges for honest skeptics: Rational bases for belief for truth-seekers struggling with God's existence, involvement, and relevance.) However, hopefully my writing will remove a few rational hindrances for readers not closed to theistic possibilities.

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  • Truly no evidence for God?

    Truly no evidence for God?

    2 weeks ago

    I address some prospective reasons for claims of 'no evidence' for God and then illustrate the existence of evidence with three medically documented healings that CANNOT have occurred naturally.