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Hello Everyone,I'm a guy who likes to do stuff. :]

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  • The Art Of Breakdancing

    The Art Of Breakdancing

    4 years ago

    It All Started in New York. In the 1970's,in the Bronx,the people had all this energy wanting to go somewhere and they wanted to do something with it,make something out of themselves.That's when Hip-Hop was...

  • 10 Best And Sickest Shoes/Sneakers

    10 Best And Sickest Shoes/Sneakers

    4 years ago

    Here i will list the 10 best shoe brands in my opinion,because it would be impossible to state the best shoes in the world.I like all shoes that look good.Ranging from exotic to unique shoes and low top to high top...

  • How to dress well for male teenagers

    How to dress well for male teenagers

    4 years ago

    Hello Everyone,i'm a teenager/young adult and i am currently going to school.At school,i'm a variable "ladies man" (he he ;) ) because of my apparel and style.There are "dress codes" and "rules" or just recommendations...