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J.P. (John) Parent is a student of Transformative Leadership and Spirituality at Hartford Seminary, and a member of the Connecticut Council for Interreligious Understanding (CCIU). He has also received training and certifcation in Disaster Chaplaincy from the National Disaster Interfaiths Network (NDIN). 

John is active in promoting interfaith relations, education, understanding, peace and fellowship via various networks, joint-services, and community educational opportunities throughout the greater Hartford, Connecticut (USA) area. 

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  • God responds to what's in your heart

    God responds to what's in your heart

    20 months ago

    "God pays attention and responds to what your heart is saying, not how many scriptures or verses you've memorized and can rattle off as a weapon." - J.P. (John) Parent This is the truth. Thank you for...

  • The Walking Man

    The Walking Man

    20 months ago

    The Walking Man There is a man in my neighborhood that I have been driving by on my way to and from work every morning and evening for close to two years now. I don’t know his name. I just call him “The...

  • Was Jesus Teaching Kabbalah Principles?

    Was Jesus Teaching Kabbalah Principles?

    20 months ago

    Was Jesus a mystic teaching Kabbalah Principles? Although provocative, the question raises the possibility that humanity is actually capable of achieving the same qualities Jesus was sharing with us.

  • The Relevance of time

    The Relevance of time

    20 months ago

    "Everything in the universe is based on trillions times trillions of equations. Some equations may be longer, and complex beyond our understanding; but eventually, all equations regardless of length or complexity...

  • Facing Challenges the value of authenticity charisma and humor

    Facing Challenges the value of authenticity charisma and humor

    20 months ago

    "Be confident. You may not have encountered this particular challenge/crisis before, but so far your track record of surviving every previous one is pretty good, and that's a decent indicator that you'll likely...