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I am from Cebu, Philippines. Currently working as an Accountant at an international company. I was just surfing the net when I learned about hubpages. I'm not a born writer so I started hubbing about the PC game that I was addicted with that time; Plants vz Zombies!

Overall, this is a good place to express myself and more so, to develop my writing skills. I have lots of topics I have in mind now. Every night I'm so excited going home to write the drafts for my hubs.

Good luck to my writing career! :=)

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    Home Remedy For High Cholesterol

    5 years ago

    Who would have thought I have high cholesterol? I exercise on weekends, am careful with my diet and most of all, I have a lean body build and yet, how come my cholesterol level is 280? Much higher than the normal range...