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As a mother of three I am committed to being a voice among the voiceless. I am a believer in freedom, equality, and in settling for nothing less because I know our future depends on it.  I believe in laughter and dirty jokes.  I am a jew and an atheist. But mostly, I am an opinionated writer, ink runs through my veins, and I choose to use my powers for good.

Additionally, I am committed to my work as a leader in my community, having helped to create a non-profit organization dedicated to community activism and advocacy. We are currently putting our money and our time where our mouths are and fighting off unscrupulous corruption discovered under our noses. Lopatspeaks.org is fighting the good fight on the legal front to protect the safety and integrity of our friends and neighbors. 

Lastly, I fancy myself an up and coming entrepreneur... currently working to advance my progress in direct sales.  I'm a smart cookie and I know a good opportunity when I see one... I think we should all buy from one another and support one another in small business... I look forward to expanding the profit from a business that has paid me back over and over... yup - I jumped on the energy bandwagon because what the hell... everybody uses it and if I can provide it for less, with no strings attached, why the heck shouldn't ya buy it from me!  The recession proof nature of the product and the company's committement to intergrity make this a very exciting time for me.  Check it out at www.sleifer.energy526.com and join us if you can 'see it'. I found a business where I can profit by helping people - jackpot for a bleeding heart like mine! 

To sum it all up - my life is now and has always been defined by doing my best to help those around me.  I stand up when needed and refuse to back down even when backing down is my only option.  I believe, and have seen it proven, that there is no limit to what a group of motivated people can accomplish by working together.  A little town called Lopatcong has shown me that if you believe in what's right and you are willing to fight for it - the people will follow! They just need a voice... and since I've got plenty to say, I might as well contribute to the cause!  I am proud of what I, with my fellow leaders and neighbors, have accomplished through Lopat Speaks and I don't intend to stop until the job is done!  We refuse to allow our township to be exploited by those who stand to gain from our losses!

That's me in a nutshell.  A bit too straight-forward, a bit too politically incorrect, and lot too fed up with a broken system, locally, nationally, and globally! 



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