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Hi there! I'm an ARBA registered rabbit breeder. I love my animals, which consist of cats, dogs, the rabbits, rats, a hamster and our turtle. I've owned so many animals over the years, which has led to a knowledge of pets (thanks to my tendency to research every aspect of the animals to death!)

I think most of my hubs will be animal related, though there is no telling what I may choose to write about!

Feel free to comment my hubs or to become a fan!

I live in North Carolina, with my husband and our menagerie, and I graduated not too long ago from the University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill (go Heels!) with a double major.


Ahhh, that's enough about me! I look forward to meeting you!

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    The Pet Rabbit Guide

    8 years ago

    The Pet Bunny FAQ Over the years I've sold quite a few pets- sometimes pure pet quality, other times brood or show that I couldn't hang on to any longer, or that the person wanted badly enough to pay brood or show...