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 As my screen name here implys, I am a sponge as far as knowledge is conserned.  Living in the military-founded town of Oceanside all my life, everything here has a sense of fimilarity.  Knowing where just about everything is has it's definate perks.

I enjoy researching random items of interest that include but surely are not limited to: the great outdoors, an exceptional variety of crafts, renaissance faires, "old world" history, food history, cooking, philosophy, and horticulture among many, many other things.

 Everyone here is more then welcome to pick my brain on these topics.

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  • Growing Blackberries

    Growing Blackberries

    8 years ago

    How to grow organic blackberries. I will cover all the essential aspects for those of you new to growing blackberries, your own food, or just new to growing your own plants in general.