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Hello, I am new to hubpages today(1/22/13).  My interests are in gaming, movies, TV Shows, books, and pretty much anything Sci-Fi, Fantasy, or Horror related.  I am sure I will change this bio in the next week or two, but just wanted to share the basics for now until I get the hang of Hubpages.  Thanks for checking out my Hubs and or Me. 

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  • EVE Online - My Favorite Gallente Ships.

    EVE Online - My Favorite Gallente Ships.

    3 years ago

    I Love the Science Fiction Space MMO EVE Online. I've played it for years and collected many ships over that time. Gallente where always my favorite. (My first characters starting race.) So Enjoy.

  • Zombie Flash Games Worth Playing

    Zombie Flash Games Worth Playing

    2 years ago

    I Love Zombies and I Love Games, so it makes sense I Love Zombie Games. I play Call of Duty Zombies ALL the time. But I do like to mix it up. There are a ton of cool zombie flash games you can play for free out there. I...

  • Netflix vs Direct TV

    Netflix vs Direct TV

    3 years ago

    I have used many media center options over the years. I have subscribed to Netflix, Hulu plus, Cox, Qwest, and Direct TV. Also I have rented or bought videos on PS3 Network, Vudu, Red Box and Amazon Prime. The most...

  • DC Universe Online Combat Rating System

    DC Universe Online Combat Rating System

    2 years ago

    DC Universe Online (DCUO for short) places a lot of importance on your Combat Rating. Need to understand where to find your Combat Rating? Even more important want to see how to raise your Combat Rating? Here is a...