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Just found Squidoo recently and thought I'd build a few lenses about some of the stuff I'm into on this fine website too. If you need more info about me, just Google me. :-) You just have to type, "larrybass Canadian" into Google, my ONLY search engine, to see our little love affair budding there... :-) larryb

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  • Fishing in and around Ottawa

    Fishing in and around Ottawa

    4 years ago

    Well, you betcha! There is plenty of fishing in and around the Ottawa area, make no mistake about it! This veteran webmaster has been fishing this area for over fourty years and can attest to the variety and numbers of...

  • Metal Detecting - a really Kool hobby...

    Metal Detecting - a really Kool hobby...

    4 years ago

    Have you ever seen anyone on the beach or around an old building using a metal detector before? Did you ever wonder if they found anything? Did something about it get you stirring inside? Did you ever want to go over...