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The Tarot is a unique took for seekers which helps one to unlock hidden potential. Used as a tool for personal empowerment, it can provide the seeker with opportunities to gain enlightenment. Many seekers use the Tarot as a tool from which to gain advice about life decisions, and it can work well in this way by providing intuitive information to the seeker about what may happen if the seeker remains on his current path.

I have been reading Tarot for twenty-four years, and have recently begun on a journey to deepen my understanding of the tarot and to achieve a goal of becoming a professional tarot card reader. As I turn to take this journey seriously, I want to share with you the process and help you to learn the tarot alongside me.

My hubs will provide reviews of tarot decks I own, suggested exercises for learning the tarotrecommendations for tarot decks and materialsreviews of tarot books I have read, and card meanings, according to me.

You'll be learning Tarot with me as I re-learn it.

I welcome comments and inquiries about the Tarot and will help in any way that I can. Yo uare encouraged to seek me out on various other social media outlets, including my blog, my Tumblr page, my Facebook Page, Twitter, and Pinterest.


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  • Review of Tarot of Vampyres

    Review of Tarot of Vampyres

    12 months ago

    Tarot of Vampyres comes in a boxed set with an excellent companion book and is published by Llewellyn. With beautiful artistry and a high quality companion, this is a deck to check out!