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Home birth. Physiology of a woman. Midwives. Miscairrage. Fertility. Doulas. Noraml birth. Health in pregnancy. I am a student midwife. I learn all kinds of things during my studies that I have to share. What I have learned is mind-blowing. It is stuff that everyone should know about, not just students of midwifery. I was looking here on hub pages for pages/articles focused on birth and midwifery. There was nothing, so I have to write about this. As I read books and go through my studies I will share with you things that I feel need to be talked about. All of these things will take a lot of time to write about so stay tuned.

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  • The Weeks After Miscarriage: My Story

    The Weeks After Miscarriage: My Story

    16 months ago

    I was pregnant, visibly pregnant. I'm not anymore and I have no baby. Physically I can handle this easily. My body feels fine, it was just hard to let go emotionally. Everything seems to make me think about what...

  • The Free Birth of the Tiny Sycamore Claire

    The Free Birth of the Tiny Sycamore Claire

    17 months ago

    It was not the kind of birth we had been expecting. It came to early. We have recently been planning the unassisted home birth or free birth of our newest addition. We just didn't expect it to turn out the way it did. I...