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I am a subscription box junkie, magazine hoarder and online shopaholic.  I wish Pinterest was my job, or that I could work for one of the subscription box companies that I currently have subscriptions with.  I love being around fun, upbeat people.  If you're moody, I can't stand you.  Save that SH** for you family.  I'm the type of person who while standing in a queue to pay for something, will draw attention from someone else in line, who will strike up a conversation with me.  I don't know what it is, it just happens!  I must have an approachable face. It has become an ongoing joke with my family when we go shopping together.  If it doesn't happen before I go to the register to pay, someone in the store will stop me and just start talking.  To some, that would be annoying.  To me, I find it quite enjoyable as it usually leaves me with a super fun story to share with others after.

Currently I'm looking for more subscription boxes and products to review. Please see my blog at http://lilisubscription.com or on Instagram @licoheha.  

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