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Being a mother of three kids, I can finally consider myself an experienced and savvy parent who knows everything (well, nearly everything) about toys. In reality, it's not that easy, and several years ago I was unable to tell the difference between a crawler and an of-the-road truck – now I know it all! If you come to think about it, I have learned as much from my children as they've learned from me, and that's what I really like about being a parent! Sure, I want my kids to have the best things (this is natural for us, ever-worried moms!), so I am very picky as to what I am going to buy. I tend to read a lot of reviews before I buy this or that toy, but sometimes they are too commercialized and boring – and, what's more, have nothing to do with reality! So, I decided to share my own experience (or, rather, my children's experience) with toys in a more humorous way, so that my reviews could be useful and interesting to read. Since shopping is too time-consuming for me, I prefer ordering toys on Amazon.com which turned out to be the most convenient online store with the widest selection I have ever seen.

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