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Lisa Vollrath is a prolific mixed-media artist, writer and designer. Her work can be seen at LisaVollrath.com, and on her business site at TenTwoStudios.com.

If you're looking for arts and crafts how-to lessons, they now live at GoMakeSomething.com.

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      • Answers Dashboard Bug

        Answers Dashboard Bug

        6 months ago

        In the Your Answers section of the dashboard, every single answer has this little blue help bubble above it, telling me what the thumbs up icon means. Please make this stop!

      • Flipboard Instead of Twitter?

        Flipboard Instead of Twitter?

        10 months ago

        Why is there no longer an option to share Hubs on Twitter? It looks like it's been replaced with Flipboard, which seems like a weird choice.

      • HubGaze . com

        HubGaze . com

        21 months ago

        I just had the magic red copyright symbol appear, for an article that has been copied onto HubGaze . com. This domain looks like it's nothing but content scraped from HubPages.Fortunately, their web host is Go Daddy,...

      • Goodbye, and Thank You

        Goodbye, and Thank You

        2 years ago

        Friends, it's been an interesting two months since I migrated here from Squidoo, but I've decided HubPages isn't the place for me, or my content. Starting tomorrow, I'll begin the process of moving my hubs to my own web...

      • Stop Complaining About Lost Page Views

        Stop Complaining About Lost Page Views

        2 years ago

        Since I migrated here from Squidoo two months ago, I've seen a steady stream of threads in this forum, complaining about lost page views. There are a lot of theories about why it's happening, and how much it's...

      • Convert the Squidoo Social Media Accounts

        Convert the Squidoo Social Media Accounts

        2 years ago

        Squidoo had quite a few social media accounts to support their various programs and magazine pages. I would like to see those accounts continue, to support the content on HubPages.For example, a lot of my vegan recipes...

      • What Happens to Squidoo on Social Media?

        What Happens to Squidoo on Social Media?

        2 years ago

        Squidoo had an active presence on social media. What will happen to all those accounts now?I'm particularly interested in the FB pages associated with the magazines. Why Vegetarian, which has over 27,000 followers, used...

      • If you write recipe hubs

        If you write recipe hubs

        3 years ago

        If you write recipe hubs, try creating an account at Yummly, and adding your recipes here at HubPages to your recipe box, using their Yum button.I did this with one of my recipes last week, thinking it was just a way...

      • Anyone Using Ello?

        Anyone Using Ello?

        3 years ago

        I finally got an invite code for Ello this morning. Is anyone else on there?

      • Final Squidoo Payout Has Landed

        Final Squidoo Payout Has Landed

        3 years ago

        I received my final payout from Squidoo today.Feeling a little wistful...ETA I probably should have made this clearer: this was MY final payout, since my content moved on September 5th, and I won't make the one dollar...

      • Where is this traffic coming from?

        Where is this traffic coming from?

        3 years ago

        So, I just logged in after almost 18 hours without power, to discover that my article on The Woodmen's Circle Home is getting slammed with traffic. It usually gets under 100 views in a day. So far today, Google...

      • Have you visited the topic tree?

        Have you visited the topic tree?

        3 years ago

        For those of you who don't know about it yet, here is the complete HubPages topic list:http://hubpages.com/topics/treeThose topics with clickable links show up in navigation. Those that aren't clickable don't have 20...

      • Have you found a new reader today?

        Have you found a new reader today?

        3 years ago

        "If you build it, they will come."How many of us take the Field of Dreams approach with our writing? If we write it, surely Google will index it, and people will find what we've written, our page views will...

      • Squids: How are those edits coming?

        Squids: How are those edits coming?

        2 years ago

        Fellow Squid refugees, as many of us come to the end of our first full month on HubPages, I'm wondering how those edits are coming. What's been your process for slogging through the old lenses, to turn them into shiny...

      • Personal Goals

        Personal Goals

        3 years ago

        When my articles were at Squidoo, I always sort of felt like I was competing against other lensmasters in my topic, to get that highest ranking article, and the better pay level.One of the things I like very much about...

      • It Must Be Friday...

        It Must Be Friday...

        3 years ago

        ...because Spam is now being served in the QA. It never fails: the weekend starts, and the spammers descend.

      • Transferred Link Lists

        Transferred Link Lists

        3 years ago

        I have two former Squidoo lenses that are basically long lists of links to craft projects:Recycled Christmas Crafts - http://lisavollrath.hubpages.com/hub/re … mas-craftsRecycled Magazine Crafts -...

      • New Spectator Sport

        New Spectator Sport

        3 years ago

        New sport: watching our transferred lens scores rise from the basement after we edit them into proper hubs.Yesterday, I edited two lenses that had fallen down into the low 50s since transferring the night before....

      • Thank You, HubPages Staff!

        Thank You, HubPages Staff!

        3 years ago

        My lenses landed on HubPages this morning, and I have to say, they look in much better shape than I had anticipated. That can only be due to lots of hard work behind the scenes, for which I am very, very thankful. I'm...

      • Question About Publishing Dates

        Question About Publishing Dates

        3 years ago

        Did I read that our transferred lenses would retain their original publishing dates? Mine didn't. Near as I can tell, almost all of them now bear the date of my last update of them at Squidoo, which was two weeks ago....

      • Pinterest Titles

        Pinterest Titles

        3 years ago

        I noticed that when my latest recipe, "Black Bean & Mango Salad (Vegan)", is pinned on Pinterest, the bold title assigned to it is "Black Bean & Mango Salsa", but the text that appears in the...

      • Squids: Style Guide & Hopping

        Squids: Style Guide & Hopping

        3 years ago

        Squidoo comrades, behold the HubPages Style Guide, which contains information on things like capitalization, crediting of images, and all sorts of things that should be standardized across everyone's articles:...

      • Answers Policy

        Answers Policy

        3 years ago

        I've been hanging out in Answers a lot this week. It reminds me of when I worked for Cha-Cha, answering questions.MY question: I've noticed that someone posts about a dozen questions in a row every night. ALL of the...

      • Duplicate Content & Crediting

        Duplicate Content & Crediting

        3 years ago

        From 2005 until January of this year, I published a digital monthly subscription 'zine that contained three or four arts and crafts projects in each issue. Copies of the 'zine are still sold on my business site, but I...

      • How To Offer a Pattern

        How To Offer a Pattern

        3 years ago

        I have some project designs that require patterns. Is it possible to include a file download in a hub?

      • Squidoo & Duplicate Content

        Squidoo & Duplicate Content

        3 years ago

        Why those of us moving over from Squidoo should not try to transfer our lenses to HubPages manually:I just moved one of my recipes that's fairly new, and doesn't have a high search engine ranking, thinking I would use...