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Local Google Advertising Consultant

David Bruce Jr of Frederick Web Promotions

David Bruce is a professional Blogger and SEO consultant. Every single client of Frederick Web Promotions is #1 in Google and other search engines for thier respective local market. 

SEO services offered are not local only, but local Google advertising is our primary focus. 

Any SEO expert that can't get itself a #1 Google ranking isn't worth the paper their printed on so... Google this phrase:

Google Places Ranking

and call 240 397-9804 or email davidbrucejr@frederickwebpromotions.com

If you want YOUR company website to rank #1 in Google

Do you currently have 2, 3, 4 or more listings in the top ten of the first Google search engine results page?

Other SEO firms/ web design consultants can get ONE listing (even in the top 10) but can they routinely get 4 listings on the same page?

Does your current company website PERFORM in Google search results?




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