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Should myths and legends be true, Lemuria was my home, doomed by the dreaded Atlantis.

Yet again, our fates meet as one.

This time, the story has a different ending......

“another world is not only possible, she is on her way. on a quiet day, i can hear her breathing.” -arundhati roy

"It is a red dawn. Strange things await us by the eaves of the forest. Good or evil, I do not know; but we are called. Awake!" ~ Tolkien

“When you're drowning, you don't say 'I would be incredibly pleased if someone would have the foresight to notice me drowning and come and help me,' you just scream.”--John Lennon

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  • The Color of His Words

    The Color of His Words

    20 months ago

    You love to take him as your own. But far from him your souls do roam.

  • The Color of Your Words

    The Color of Your Words

    20 months ago

    Words, they have power. To please or to punch. Careful their usage....rewind not an option.

  • Trained Monkeys

    Trained Monkeys

    22 months ago

    In today's world, we are thrown to and frow by differing opinions. We are attacked in attempts to shame us; our words distorted to smear. Hold on to your center. You know who you are!

  • Through the Sky Room Naked

    Through the Sky Room Naked

    4 years ago

    While children starve,others dine in opulence. Age old story,age old dilemma.Only one way out for all of us, you know. As Jim said: five to one, baby, one in five. No one here gets out alive. Repent

  • Stand Down!

    Stand Down!

    22 months ago

    Stand Down please! Take your outrage and shove it. For,when we really needed your outrage, you were no-where to be found. Too busy quoting "that piece of paper" to give a damn. Too late now. Deal w it

  • Criminalizing Medicine

    Criminalizing Medicine

    21 months ago

    Compassion comes in many shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, many of those who love to preach that commodity are sorely lacking in it! Sorely. Perhaps they need to practice more, preach less?

  • Sequester: Oppan Tea Party Style

    Sequester: Oppan Tea Party Style

    21 months ago

    Amazing what lies and confusion can do to the psyche. I actually hear people say this is President Obama's idea... He called it dumb and un-neccessary....yeah-- real support for the idea there, LOL.

  • Bam Boozled

    Bam Boozled

    22 months ago

    The Path forward is laid bare: as Bill Hicks said, it's just a choice.... between fear and love. Choose Love!

  • Teabaglican


    22 months ago

    Awwwww, always screaming "Constitution", "Freedom", "Founding Fathers"....yet seem to have zero comprehension of any of it. Did you all wake up from a deep sleep? What triggered this madness of late?

  • American Scheme

    American Scheme

    18 months ago

    As the new Party came in 2010, a feeling of dread washed over me. But I knew it was coming. In 2000, I knew. My daughters, whose lives I would die for, are subjugated to the same clique as my mother.

  • Merciless


    22 months ago

    The coldness of people is a mystery to me. For, we all start out tiny babies.Yet, in that infancy, our future is formed. My biggest desire is to see the cold melt into fire. The blazing fires of Love.

  • 9/11: 2001

    9/11: 2001

    22 months ago

    For 12 years, we have been awaiting justice. For 12 years, we have been ridiculed and laughed at. For 12 years, we have cried. Justice Now. No more lies.

  • An Unsavory Ruse

    An Unsavory Ruse

    22 months ago

    First read of it from Carlos Casteneda.An essence, a force; beings who have captured humans, use them as energy. Use their beauty and their talent--make fools of them. At this moment: they are exposed

  • Tiptoeing in a Land Mine

    Tiptoeing in a Land Mine

    21 months ago

    A man on radio says:"Stick to the dark." Another man begs the question: "Why would God say 'go to the light'? He wouldn't fool mankind that way?".... man on radios says: "No, but the Devil would."....

  • Cultification


    4 years ago

    "Something evil this way comes"...It's here. Whispering in the night. In dreams. In little oddities you notice going on about your day. Stay vigilant. Listen to your body-knowledge. The mind deceives.

  • E I B

    E I B

    22 months ago

    As a talk-radio lover beginning in 1985...I had the distinct pleasure of enjoying many hours of educational, interesting, and thought-provoking talk. Then this boob came along...

  • Love, Hannity-Style

    Love, Hannity-Style

    3 years ago

    People, such as Shawn Hannity, who use their plaform to lower the collective energy, have my un-dying contempt and dis-respect. That little twerp had better hope there is no such thing as Karma

  • Profit Is King

    Profit Is King

    22 months ago

    I can name in one word, the bane that is all of existence..greed. Greed destroys beauty, runs over care, and makes enemies of us all. If I had but one wish, it would be thus: Punish greed as criminal.

  • Secrets of Shadowland

    Secrets of Shadowland

    20 months ago

    This is a time of great awakening. Things kept secret are being revealed. At 52, my generation has seen alot of people come and go....Big people---presidents! We don't take things for granted, no way.

  • Why are We Looking Forward?

    Why are We Looking Forward?

    2 years ago

    From the start of 2008, my rage level has been on slow burn. Not only are we dismissing the crimes of the Bush administration, but are now subject to daily calls of impeach Obama. Infuriating madness.

  • L'America


    22 months ago

    Jim Morrison is an American poet who influenced me heavily in my childhood. William S. Burroughs is another. They both speak to the evil that lies beneath the appearance of good. I am witness to it.

  • Enemy or Supreme Teacher?

    Enemy or Supreme Teacher?

    22 months ago

    One of the biggest frustrations is trying to make someone see things your way:On both ends! It has taken a long time to see the error of my ways..we are works in progress who sometimes stunt ourselves

  • Kali Yuga

    Kali Yuga

    3 years ago

    These are not end times, but the beginning of new ones. A new spin on an old cycle, but with one very powerful twist: 7 billion people reside on this planet now.The collective subconscious is beaming!

  • Propaganda


    22 months ago

    In case you think this is hyperbole, I suggest you read up on history. Hitler came to power using hype, propaganda and nationalism. Here is the secret weapon, so you know when they con: USA USA USA

  • Return of the Goddess

    Return of the Goddess

    21 months ago

    "Lady Apocalypse is Coming into Bloom." --Les Visible

  • The Law

    The Law

    22 months ago

    The world is full of people who go to church every Sunday, or Saturday worship-follow religious practices to a T. But what good is it if you still act like a jerk? We claim morality,but don't practice

  • The Message

    The Message

    4 years ago

    At times, I'm embarressed to be human. What is the point of living if you offer nothing to the world but misery? Killing of animals, natural world, and each other. Torturing...what is the point?

  • Highway Robbery

    Highway Robbery

    22 months ago

    Having watched, and lived through these past 30 years, when all the wealth of this nation flew steadily up-wards, it galls me to hear poor people, unions and "entitlements" blamed. Get a grip people.

  • Chaldea, Home of the Mysterious Stargazers

    Chaldea, Home of the Mysterious Stargazers

    4 years ago

    Chaldea...just the name sounds romantic! In many ways, we have lost the romantic, the spectacular and the sublime from our daily lives. I seek to re-kindle that fire.

  • Reasonable Doubt

    Reasonable Doubt

    3 years ago

    In 2006, an innocent man was convicted of rape and murder on Cape Cod. It was blatantly obvious to anyone with half a brain. But, of course, the Old Boys Club won out. Woe to those who spoke for him.

  • Freedom? Constitution? Not if You're A Woman.

    Freedom? Constitution? Not if You're A Woman.

    4 years ago

    Putting it in perspective: in many states, right to guns more important than women’s right to health http://ow.ly/h24MZ --Emily's List

  • The Ghosts of Terezin

    The Ghosts of Terezin

    20 months ago

    As I hear daily of more and more horrors and inhumanity to man, I can't help but wonder: What is it in the family of us, who turn a blind eye to the suffering of others, while our wounds never heal?

  • American Taliban

    American Taliban

    22 months ago

    Howard Stern coined the term American Taliban, before he was hounded and fined off the air by the Christian Right. He has said many times: "Why bring more unwanted babies into the world?" Death-knell.

  • The Biggest Bunch of Bozo's on the Planet!

    The Biggest Bunch of Bozo's on the Planet!

    4 years ago

    You know, I'm all for this two party system...(though we need more), differing points of view, etc. But this class of Republicans has got to be the most idiotic in history! Open mouth...insert stupid.

  • Gang Stalking on the Internet

    Gang Stalking on the Internet

    22 months ago

    As I use the internet more and more, a funny phenomenon is being observed. People who harass and attack seem to use the same language, same line of approach, and same vicious behavior. Trolling, 101.

  • Enemies Within

    Enemies Within

    3 years ago

    Since ancient times, leaders have been victim to dangers from within their own borders. Kings and Queens used slaves to test their food for poison. Power and danger are twin companions, now until end.

  • Hope


    4 years ago

    Hope...the embattled word. In many ways, the word itself has taken as much a beating as President Obama. Charlie Sheen: Hope is for suckers. Palin: Hopey-changey. I like the word. It means possibilty.

  • Ophiuchus, the Lost Sign of the Zodiac

    Ophiuchus, the Lost Sign of the Zodiac

    22 months ago

    Have followed my sign diligently since learning of it: associated with it, agreed with the ideals it represents....only to find out in my 30's that I, and others, have been following the wrong sign!

  • Mind Kontrol

    Mind Kontrol

    21 months ago

    Once they get to our minds, it's over. We become the Walking Dead.