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25/f/Mi, Does that make me look old? Probably.

When I began this blog over 3 years ago I was a young house wife who had put my education on hold as well as my life. I am now a single mother/divorcee, college student, & biography writer for an adult entertainment company-- and honestly, I couldn't be happier. Although I never thought I'd ever be here I am so greatful that I am. And hey! I still belive in fairytales and happily ever afters even if I am the youngest divorcee I know.

I am still the same beauty addict, creative junkie, & internet shopping guru that I was 3 years ago but I've grown and changed dramatically since then.

My Name's Lydia, & I hope I can teach you a few of my tricks :)

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  • Beauty Secrets: Glycerin

    Beauty Secrets: Glycerin

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    When I discovered Glycerin, I fell absolutely in love. What is Glycerin? Well, its a colorless goopy liquid which draws moisture to itself. It has the consistency of corn syrup, and is sweet in taste. Glycerin is used...