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As a young child I was quite imaginative and quite a talker.  Around the age of 8 years old I developed the knickname of "Lucy" from my Grandfather.  He always said I reminded him of the Peanuts Character Lucy who always gave advice.  I would spend hours listening to my family and my friends go on about their lives and then I would offer them advice.  I wanted to be a famous writer when I was a child.  I love books.....My father and my grandfather worked with me at a very young age encouraging me to read everything!!!  I wanted to write fiction, non-fiction, romance....I wanted to write it all.  Throughout school I joined creative writing and submited my early poems and short stories to contests.  My grandfather would encourage me to write...he would read whatever I wrote and critique me and then give me the support to keep on going.  Years later when I reached my twenties I focused on learning how to be a young wife and a mother and I lost sight of my writing.  After my first marriage failed...I focused on motherhood and my career....when my career failed.....I focused more on motherhood.  In my late 20's I remarried to a wonderful man, who after 13 years has stood by myside through thick and thin.  I have tried over the years to sit down and write...but when you are a wife and a mother working 9 to 5 there isn't a lot of time for focus.  As I turned 40, I realized I was now in a sales position with a company that afforded me the time to sit and focus on my writing.  And so now continues a journey I started long ago.....a way to let my creativity expand which hopefully I can grow to success. 

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