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I love writing as much as I like listening to music or watching a movie, and I'm always digging up news on websites like ign, gamespot, gameinformer, and Kotaku. If you haven't guessed by now I'm a gamer, but playing games and writing aren't the only things I do in my spare time. I really enjoy drawing and digital art. I've been doodling since I can remember picking up a pencil. Dinosaurs, aliens, robots, and anything sci-fi are the kind of stuff I'm into. I turn my drawings into stickers and upload them to a marketplace called redbubble. If you're curious, there's a link below. Anything I write about will always be things I'm interested in and care about. I think one of the best ways of learning is by writing. A lot of the stuff I write is more personal and honest. I hope anyone reading my articles or stories will connect with it and feel engaged. That's all!

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