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I'm a 27 year old single mother from Humboldt County, CA. I'm in the process of getting my freelancing career up and running, as well as carving a new path in my journey! At the beginning of my life I've been through hell and back yet, my success depends on how many opportunities I decide to open for myself and pursue, and this is just the beginning! I'm also currently obtaining my Bachelors in Psychology and building the empire my children deserve. This is my page. This is my writing. This is my life. This is all me. 

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  • Dollhouse 101

    Dollhouse 101

    4 months ago

    Painted faces hide the memories of a dark childhood left untold, you were just a toy, a fantasy to fit his mold...What a beautiful creature yet how can get heart be so cold

  • A Mother's Berry Dreams

    A Mother's Berry Dreams

    4 months ago

    Life is a surprise grab bag, you don't know what each day holds some can be plastic rings and some can be necklaces of gold

  • Erase The Pain

    Erase The Pain

    4 months ago

    Erase your pain it doesn't have to stay, some you just have to love from far away you are a queen and deserve the best

  • Sad Song Ending

    Sad Song Ending

    5 months ago

    If you could only look past the anger held inside, you would notice the sillouette of the innocent angel that died, whatever happens in life heaven is the prize, at all costs keep God's binding ties

  • standing Up

    standing Up

    5 months ago

    Life's a mixture of paradox, pleasure and greed. if you think you can amount to God dear child stop yourself and take heed,what you do to others you are doing to God, anything can happen at any moment