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I was born in Arkansas and have lived in a suburb of New Orleans for 40 years.  After selling a small business I operated for 15 years, I  now work at home as a scopist and proofreader for court reporters.  My husband and I are both outdoors people and spend as much time as possible at our camps in Kentwood, Louisiana and Strong, Arkansas and on the water in our fishing boat.   We have two grandchilren and two cats. I love writing and sharing the lessons I've learned in life, hoping to make someone's path a little easier.  









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  • Depression:  Rethinking My Conclusions

    Depression: Rethinking My Conclusions

    11 days ago

    I have put up a respectable battle most of my adult life against depression, always thinking that if I could just get past it, I could begin to live again. Now I wonder if it was all bad.

  • Granite Mountain Hospital

    Granite Mountain Hospital

    4 weeks ago

    These are my memories of Granite Mountain hospital, owned and operated by Samuel Presley Junkin, my grandfather.

  • Spring in the South

    Spring in the South

    9 days ago

    This is a short hub about the healing power of nature and I've used it as a forum to show off some truly beautiful birds and sunsets.

  • A Story about Artie

    A Story about Artie

    7 days ago

    This is the story of Artie. He made my childhood special and helped me understand the wonders of nature -- and life.

  • Should I Stop?

    Should I Stop?

    8 months ago

    This is the story of two people I had never met before and have never seen since their appearances in my life. They were both in need in different ways. I have tried many times to figure out exactly what my interaction...

  • Sixty-Seventh Birthday

    Sixty-Seventh Birthday

    12 days ago

    These are my thoughts on becoming 67. Maybe they will save someone all the time I spent finally realizing what matters in life.

  • The Draw of the Dark

    The Draw of the Dark

    6 months ago

    I have written a 12-step programs for depression. These are the things that helped me get well and enjoy life again. They are not easy steps to take, but the rewards are amazing.

  • AIDS 1980 III

    AIDS 1980 III

    9 days ago

    This is the story of Frankie, the third man I was assigned to during my volunteer work with people with AIDS during the late 1980s. Frankie was what I would call a beautiul man, with coal black hair and dark brown eyes...

  • What Is a Church?

    What Is a Church?

    4 days ago

    Somewhere deep in my subconscious, there is a memory of my mother telling me about a church of sorts that she attended. Some thought it was a cult. She said her parents called it a secret society. It was in the 1920s...

  • BFI Powder

    BFI Powder

    11 days ago

    My father-in-law was a repository of wisdom, gained through years of experience and discernment. One of his firm convictions was that there are two products that will cure anything.

  • AIDS:  Volunteer Work in the '80s

    AIDS: Volunteer Work in the '80s

    7 weeks ago

    Ritche was the second man I was assigned to during the time I worked as a volunteer providing support to people with AIDS. Blaine, the first man I worked with was a gentle soul and had made peace with the world and...

  • Nature:  The Ultimate Healer

    Nature: The Ultimate Healer

    11 months ago

    My husband began hunting at the deer camp in Strong, Arkansas when he was 8 or 9 years old and still hunts there for at least a month every fall. We make periodic trips to the camp, riding our four-wheelers, fishing,...

  • Prayer at Stonhenge

    Prayer at Stonhenge

    2 days ago

    This article is based on a dream I had about a gathering of spiritual leaders at Stonehenge. In the dream, I was a magician of sorts, who helped organize the gathering. It is about a grand experiment, although we...

  • To Stop or Not

    To Stop or Not

    6 weeks ago

    This is the story of a pretty much mundane trip to Arkansas that turned into quite an adventure. For one day, I was a hero (not a heroine; the word doesn't resonate) in at least my own eyes and those of one other...

  • Coast of Maine

    Coast of Maine

    14 months ago

    Our trip along the Maine Coast was full of adventures, the most spectacular being the waves Hurricane Bob brought to pound the rocks along the coast and pull the natives perched on them out into the water, breaking...

  • Treasure in the Junk Drawer

    Treasure in the Junk Drawer

    3 days ago

    Throughout my life, I've received signs from someone or something, a watching presence that is somehow aware of what happens with me and when I need help. Some will say they are mere conincidences. I chose to continue...

  • Depression:  The Bell Jar

    Depression: The Bell Jar

    11 days ago

    From the time I was a small child, I experienced bouts of depression, or "the plague," as I always thought of it. When I was a child, those dark days were worse than any boogey-man.

  • Furry Angel

    Furry Angel

    12 days ago

    While at our camp one winter three years ago, my husband and I had what I consider a divine visitor. The event helped me make decisions that I needed to make and couldn't up until that point. A squirrel, you say? ...

  • Giving a Deposition

    Giving a Deposition

    11 months ago

    Discovery depositions may be intimidating if you don't know what to expect. This article contains suggestions about how to proceed in a depo after having been sworn and realizing that it is a non-threatening atmosphere...

  • Feral Frankie, a Not So Gentle Soul

    Feral Frankie, a Not So Gentle Soul

    11 days ago

    Feral cats make wonderful outdoor pets. This is the story of Frankie, who's lived in my backyard for many years. She has an irritable disposition and still spits at the ones who feed her, but we love our wild girl who...