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  • Riddles For Adults

    Riddles For Adults

    9 months ago

    Join me with these 3 riddles on a quest to wreck your brains while having a good time.

  • Tutorial Linux for Windows Users

    Tutorial Linux for Windows Users

    9 months ago

    Switching from Windows to Linux can seem like a real challenge. But it does not have to be. This article explains how to install Linux Kubuntu on your computer without getting rid of your Windows OS

  • The Paranoid Guide to Online Banking

    The Paranoid Guide to Online Banking

    8 months ago

    Online banking saves us a lot of time but sadly this is also true for online criminals. Online bank fraud is steadily rising by a two digit percentage each year. This guide will help you to stay safe.

  • Best Free Photoshop Alternative

    Best Free Photoshop Alternative

    9 months ago

    Gimp is a free powerful alternative to Photoshop. Knowing 6 key features and you will be able to apply filters, change colors, copy and paste, change the size and add text. All in just 15 minutes!