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Michele is the owner of GoodNature Essentials and Hutchinson Soap Company offering a full line of soaps, toiletries, and mineral makeups.  

She  worked in Respiratory Therapy for 13 years, and had a lifelong love of natural, non toxic, herbal beauty and personal care. 

She lives in the country with a husband, 2 children,  2 dogs, 4 cats, and never misses a chance to feed the wild things that she shares the land with.


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  • Turmeric the Medicinal Spice from India

    Turmeric the Medicinal Spice from India

    4 months ago

    Up until recently, I hadn't given Indian food much thought. Some of it I liked, some was pretty hot for my taste. Recently however, I have discovered something really exciting. Turmeric. Not only does turmeric taste...

  • Discover the Ground Cherry

    Discover the Ground Cherry

    9 years ago

    A wonderful memory I have from childhood, is sneaking into our garden, on my hands and knees, and "stealing" a little fruit called a Ground Cherry. I am certain that they tasted all the better because I had foraged them...

  • Tea Tree Oil

    Tea Tree Oil

    9 years ago

    Tea tree oil, the most widely known of the Australian essential oils, is nothing short of one of nature's true gifts. Tea tree oil should be in every household, both in the medicine chest and in the cleaning cabinet. ...