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I am one of the most average guys you will ever meet, with exception to my sense of humor and self-awareness (Which is Awesome!!!).  I am slightly more athletic then a half-baked potato.  My looks are somewhere between ugly and devistatingly hansome.  In my search for something that I am actually talented at, I have become the master of nothing but a jack of many.

To say that I spent my childhood at the bottom rung of the social ladder would be an understatement.  Something about me made me a target for bullies and repulsive to girls.  I had no self confidence and no friends.  After I got past the its not me its them phase, I finally started to learn how to get along.  While I am an old soul I am a very late bloomer.

Profesionally, I still have some catching up to do.  I spent ten years in and out of college, racking up almost 300 credit hours, before I finally graduated with a bachelors in business marketing.  Emotionally and mentally however, is another story.  Over the years I have developed a fairly intuitive understanding of human behavior.  While I still have a lot to learn, I also have a lot to offer. 


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