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I am a strong supporter of early childhood education, art for art's sake, wildlife conservation and an advocate of  healthier environments. I love to write on whatever topic  pique my interest, and then sharing my nuggets of knowledge as I go collecting them through diligent research.

I joined hubpages because I believe in sharing our benevolant passions, experiences and creating networks that rekindle the natural urge to share our thoughts with like-minded individuals.  I hope the articles I write are enjoyable to read, and  I look forward to reading  the interesting articles of other hubbers who have also been endowed with the gift of writing.

At present moment I'm working on a campaign to promote my first book:  Making Sense of Children's Senses-Rlaxation Strategies for the Chaotic Classroom. My book is geared towards childcare providers, and it aims  to foster a distinctive kind of empathy towards the children of this generation who are growing up in a particulary difficult time in history. If you work with children, or are a parent, you can follow me on my blog at my early childhood education wordpress blog. Thank you. 

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  • The Horse Fair

    The Horse Fair

    3 years ago

    The Horse Fair, 1853–55, Rosa Bonheur (French), Oil on canvas Aspiring to become a respected female artist during the nineteenth century was certainly an unthinkable pursuit for most women. Even more unthinkable...