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I am  a 23 year old student from the united Kingdom studying software egineering, i tend to do a lot of thinking and alway have a lot of questions to ask generally about society, cultures and the way the world is changing so i see hubpage as a good way of voicing my views and getting different perspectives on things.

I have no specific topic to discus it is just generally anything that pops into mind. on a more personal level i am a lover of music, not constraint to any genre or any kind just music anything that gets my attention and sets a mood.

I also love films and movies but my main interest is "discovery", i want to travel all over the world, taste different foods, hear different music and stories take pictures so when i'm old and grey i can say i did it, i just think as human beings we tend to stand back and make judgments or tend to be scared of each other as we watch from a distance not truly engaging and trying to gain a different perpective, maybe thats why theres so much ill fate in the world i dunno, i'm still young i guess. 

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    Great rap punchlines/quotes

    5 years ago

    Now i love listening to music, each genre has it's time and place and give me a different feel. For example sometimes when i'm driving i listen to classical music, for some reason it helps the journey go much smoother...