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Hi there

Whilst on maternity leave with my first child, I found the internet was my main source of information, and for the most part, my main link to humanity! However, I was struck by the fact that all the parenting information out there was written by 'experts' and based on the hypothetical.

But I didn't want to know what the experts had to say! Their advice and information seemed to be largely based on government guidelines and average developmental scales. My baby certainly didn't seem 'average' in any way - I don't know any baby that is, and she certainly didn't care about what any government guidelines had to say when I was trying to get her to sleep at three am!

So, I desperately searched the internet for any sensible, moderate advice from experienced parents who had 'been there and done that'. The information I found was invaluable, and in some cases it saved my sanity. But it was hard to find, and I felt frustrated that there was no single resource for this kind of 'Mum knows best' advice.

So, a number of years and a number of children later, here I am telling you what I know (and what my fellow mums, dads and grandparents know too), hoping it will make life as a parent a bit easier, or at least that it will demystify things!

Thanks for reading,

Mum knows best

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