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   With shovel in hand and gloves on tight im going to share all of my knowlege on backyard sustainability. I plan to cover subjects for a person with only some conterspace to spare all the way through to people with large plots of land. There is no time to waste with spring quickly approching here in the willamatte valley of oregon.

   Ive spent the last few years of my life researching and planning and trying out new methods of being sustainable and this is the accumulation of it. I plan to start small and work my way up in the difficulty of projects. covering a range of things such as making sprouts, composting, all the way through to large scale crop rotation, and farm animal care.

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  • Composting basics

    Composting basics

    4 years ago

    In the world of gardening few things are as powerful as having a large healthy compost pile. This simple solution gives an outlet for waste and in return it gives plentiful nutrition for your gardens.