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    • Apology to my followers

      Apology to my followers

      2 years ago

      Dear Followers,This is a sincere apology to you today. At the present time, I am no longer writing for HubPages and have removed all my articles to my own domains, Mystery in the History and All Things Of Life and Nancy...

    • Photos are missing from some Hubs

      Photos are missing from some Hubs

      3 years ago

      After reading another Hubber's page and realizing there were photos missing that were referred to in the text, I decided to check mine out. There are Hubs that I have finished editing, that were fine a few days ago, and...

    • Verifying Your Domain

      Verifying Your Domain

      3 years ago

      When you edit your profile on HP, scroll down and you will see a place that says Verify your subdomain with Bing. What URL is supposed to go there...your HP subdomain, or your blogspot, or what? Makes me feel dumb not...

    • Temporary limit on the number of Hubs one can publish in 24 hours

      Temporary limit on the number of Hubs one can publish in 24 hours

      3 years ago

      I've been told by a friend, that she was unable to edit more than 3 of her transfer lenses, that we are limited to 3 a day. Someone else told me that they were able to edit 25. My question is: which is accurate? And if...

    • Blue Up and Down Thumbs

      Blue Up and Down Thumbs

      3 years ago

      I have a question about the blue thumbs on Hubs. If I click on the thumbs up, I also can click on the reasons i.e.; interesting, funny, beautifu, awesome, etc. What happens if I read a lens and feel it should be...