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My love is spirit. My desire: to bring awareness to the things that hurt and to help others find their inner voice. Have researched the origins of language and religion and have memory of reincarnation. This led me to a better understanding of where religous myths originate and why people are like sheep when it comes to following leaders and being misguided. 

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  • Senile Warts

    Senile Warts

    2 years ago

    Age is unavoidable and so are the many conditions and outbreaks of skin problems associated with it. One of the worst is the senile wart and scars that change your face and are a pain for some victims

  • Roast Chicken with Banana Stuffing

    Roast Chicken with Banana Stuffing

    2 years ago

    Gorgeous is the only word to sum up this recipe.

  • Neighbour Bullying

    Neighbour Bullying

    2 years ago

    There is nothing worse than living next door to a bully. When the neighbour from hell moved in next to the author it was terrorism and troubles from the start. The problem is there's no help either.

  • Complex Thought or Complexity of Thinking

    Complex Thought or Complexity of Thinking

    2 years ago

    To understand why we think the way we do Norma's taken a look at the origin of thinking and what is displayed in ancient sites that have a bearing on today's world. The start of intelligence is here.

  • Why Are There Trees?

    Why Are There Trees?

    2 years ago

    These wonderful gifts of nature help us to breathe and they provide essential food to birds, animals, fish, humans, and the earth, so why are we destroying them?

  • Roman Emperor Constantine

    Roman Emperor Constantine

    2 years ago

    He was the most brutal dictator and yet some call him a saint. He built a religion on his Islamic principles and he put the Mother God, Mari, of Babylon into it as the Mother of God. He is 666.

  • Why do People Lie?

    Why do People Lie?

    2 years ago

    Lies are running the world. Tricks and magic are in every day life and people are gullible enough to fall for them. Trained from birth into a certain mind-set its the Spirit that has allowed it to be.

  • Child Abuse and Child Murder

    Child Abuse and Child Murder

    2 years ago

    Children are dying. Everyday there are reports of another little one being abused and sustaining injuries that are often the cause of their death. Many more children are damaged for life emotionally.