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Let me put it like this- 
Mix some old school island with some city urban
some maudlin with some prose and

- You get me, Ottis. 

Blend some lovesick with some irony
and some tragic to wash it down with and

- You get me, Ottis. 

Take the boy off the island, place the man in a cityscape
Show him words from Cortazar, Marquez and Neruda
What you get is motivation for:

- Me, Ottis. 

Air is breathing and breathing gives life
How fitting - extremely - that writing, my breathing
is naturally my life.

- But that's just me, Ottis.

Take a look at my works, it's MY vision, MY soul, my sometimes drunken spurts...
Suppression Expression an Obsession Confession.... 

- You get me? That's me.

Yours truly, Ottis.

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