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At this point in my life I am trying to find for myself as much independence from "the system" as possible.  This doesn't mean shutting myself off from other human beings.  It simply means that I don't want to be dependent on a system that doesn't seem entirely sustainable;  I don't want to be entirely dependent on an income from an outside source where I can be downsized or simply fired.  I believe the earth can provide everything w need for survival.  I am trying to develop a small homestead to provide for some of my needs.  I hope that writing articles here at hubpages will not only help me to learn a few things but also provide useful information to others.



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  • Ruth Stout Gardening Method

    Ruth Stout Gardening Method

    6 months ago

    There are several gardening methods available for those who wish to grow their own vegetables and fruit. If you do not have time for hoeing and weeding this summer, or if you are physically unable to bend and toil in...

  • Sprouting Lentils

    Sprouting Lentils

    6 months ago

    With prices rising, more and more people are seeking out alternatives to lower their grocery bills while still providing their families with fresh, nourishing food. One alternative that people are looking to is...

  • Raising Urban Backyard Chickens

    Raising Urban Backyard Chickens

    6 months ago

    With food costs rising and concern over the quality of the food to be found in stores, many people are trying their hand at raising some of their own food. This might mean planting fruit trees, growing a vegetable...