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My name is Patrick Bedus,

I live in New York, I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. I am 29 years old I have suffered from anxiety since the age of 5. I have had many symptoms since a child but I never told anyone how I felt I thought it would just go away. As I had got older my symptoms had drastically got worse and I decided to got to a doctor to find out that I had anxiety. I didn't understand what this was but I new that I did not want to feel like this ever again. Unfortunately for me it had came back and even worse, this time it was so bad that I was having a few panic attacks a day. I had to dropped out of school, I lost friends, I felt i was losing my life. I was put on a antidepressant medication to try to help me. This medication had seemed to help at first but I knew from many people that antidepressant medication was not good to be on. I wanted to to be off this medication and take control of my own life. Time went on and I started to research anxiety and panic attacks. I started to realize that this was not a anxiety disorder or panic disorder but nearly a behavioral learn condition. I realized that there is no medication in the world that will stop the way I Feel permanently. If you really want to feel better and grab your life back. You have to start realize that there is no one that can help you but your self, you are your own cure. You control how you feel , how you think and what your future will bring.

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