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Welcome to my hubpages profile page.

I live and work in Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria.

I'm a chess enthusiat, an internet marketer and a freelance article writer. I love to write about business Ideas, Nigeria and chess. Feel free to connect with me!

Thanks for visiting my profile page and looking forward to you visiting and commenting on my hubs.

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    • Interest and Maturation

      Interest and Maturation

      8 years ago

      What is interest?An interest is the cost of using or borrowing idle capital for profit making ventures. It is the amount charged for using an asset to generate income from commercial ventures. Interest could be in the...

    • Interest and Maturation

      Interest and Maturation

      8 years ago

      In this article, we shall be dealing with interests and maturation (length for which interests are to/should be accumulated).First, let us consider the concept of interest and relate it with personal finance as well as...