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Penelope, "Pen," would like to say that she lives for writing; but that would be a lie. She does love to write, but she does not live to write. Pen lives in her joyous daughter, in her burly husband and in her rambunctious dog named Magnolia. She lives to clean, eat (not eat clean), and to binge watch Game of Thrones and My Little Pony. Twilight Sparkle is her spirit animal, and Jon Snow is her boo.

By day she works in a mundane office filled with lively women. By night she wages wars with marshmallows and popcorn; brushes teeth like she is scrubbing a Corvette, and cooks hamburger meat like she has 10 minutes before her family all starves.

Liveliness is her main accessory, and awkwardness keeps her company. Trips and giggles, slips and falls, no matter the obstacle, she is in it for the long hall.

She does not live to write, she lives to LIVE.

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