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I love to travel and I have a wonderful family that is supportive of my adventurous spirit. I have the cutest grandsons in the world. My home is in Washington state, but I have lived in many places; Philadelphia, Missoula, Ann Arbor, Seattle, Portland (OR), Astoria, Hammond, Vernonia, Huntington Beach, Indio, Seaside (OR), Georgia, and Bloomington. My favorite winery is Inniskillen in Ontario, Canada, makers of the best Ice Wine outside of Europe.

I love writing and photography. Hubpages is place that allows me to live out both passions. You can sign up and do the same, go to this link:


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    • High Scores Verses Readership

      High Scores Verses Readership

      3 years ago

      Is it worth the high score hubpages gives an article if no one is reading your articles?  This is my problem and I'm trying to understand how it all works.  I notice some hubs receive a lot of readership and...

    • backlinks


      5 years ago

      Okay, I feel stupid because I've just moved across country and in the process I've forgotten how to backlink.  What I'd like to do is use backlinks to get my website readers to the particular hubs that will help...

    • Promoting A Hub

      Promoting A Hub

      5 years ago

      I see in the hubnuggets thread that nominees are encouraged to get out there and promote their hubs.  I'm so new, I do not understand how this might be done. And, yes, I was nominated (a huge surprise). Do I...

    • Referral Tracker

      Referral Tracker

      5 years ago

      I have not figured out how to make a referral tracker or link it to my profile or to another hub, but recently I sold a hub to a company who linked it to their website.  Now I realize I'm not set up with the...

    • Adding a link and inviting readers to try out hubpages

      Adding a link and inviting readers to try out hubpages

      5 years ago

      So, I noticed on some hubs that an invitation and link are included in the "profile".  Should I be doing this?  How do I do this?  Also, I'm not sure if my profile is very interesting. Should it...



      5 years ago

      So, I'm new at this and I read the faq on groups but I still don't get how to put them together.  It asks for a title, then you can add titles.  My hubs are listed with an "expand or contract"...